Modulus Metal San ve Tic Ltd Sti

Modulus Metal San ve Tic Ltd Sti


Modulus Metal is a full-service company providing Sourcing solutions, consulting, and quality control operations. Our company is a one-stop solution for your global sourcing, consulting, and quality control needs. Modulus Metal operates in Turkey. We serve automotive, aerospace, general machinery, railways, petrochemicals, construction machinery, truck, energy sectors and perform quality control, sorting&rework, 3rd party inspections. Modulus Metal has emerged as a supply, consultancy, and quality control company that meets the requirements of international companies that supply their parts from Turkey.
sand casting investment casting lost wax die casting centrifugal casting gray ductile iron steel casting stainless EN 1561 / Gray (Flake Graphite) :EN GJL 100, EN GJL 150, EN GJL 200, EN GJL 250, EN GJL 300, EN GJL 350 EN 1563 / Nodular (Spheroidal, Ductile): EN GJS 350 22, EN GJS 350 22 LT, EN GJS 400 15U<30mm, EN GJS 400 18, EN GJS 400 18 LT, EN GJS 400 18U, EN GJS 450 10,EN GJS 500 7, EN GJS 600 3, EN GJS 700 2 as cast & normalized, EN GJS 700 2 hardened & tempered, EN GJS 800 2 as cast & normalized, EN GJS 800 2 hardened & tempered, EN GJS 900 2 as cast & normalized, EN GJS 900 2 hardened & tempered EN 1562 Malleable: Blackheart, Pearlitic, Whiteheart High, Medium and Low Alloy Steels
Modulus Metal San ve Tic Ltd Sti

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Beştepe Mah. Nergiz Sok. Via Flat İş Merkezi 7/2 Kat:3 No: 87 Yenimahalle Ankara , TURKEY Yenimahalle Ankara, Türkiye
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